Jenny Flowers - Poor customer service this is a scam

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I called ordered product 3 months worth which was fine and decided to change my order the next day to one month to make sure i liked it.They kept telling me to call back when i did and my account showed up they refuse to change it so i got ahold of my credit card company to stop payment only to find out they charged me twice.

It is now my mission to destroy this with as much bad pubicity as possible dont use them.Ive alredy convinced several family members to stop using and i dont plan to even try it.

Review about: Almond By Wen.

Jenny Flowers - Jenny's Flowers in Torrance, CA

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My mom is in a care home in California.I am in Washington.

I called this flower shop to have them deliver flowers to her on Christmas Day. I made the mistake of calling the night before, and I was going to tell them that if they could not do it, that was fine, I would just try somewhere else, I knew that I was calling late. Before I could even say that, they said that it would be delivered on Christmas Eve (tonight). I was surprised, but I thought that that was great!

Low and behold, the flowers were not delivered Christmas Eve, they were not even delivered on Christmas Day. They came the day after Christmas. I tried several times to e-mail Jenny's Flowers, but to this day, they will not respond to me.

Be careful if placing an order with them.They will tell you whatever you want to hear.

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